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How Chili Peppers Spiced Up the South Asian Palate

Whether fresh, dried, tempered, roasted, fried, powdered, stuffed, or pickled, the not-so-native fruit has become deeply enmeshed in regional cuisines.

How Lijjat Became a Global Papad Brand

The story of a women-owned cooperative that turned 80 rupees into a business worth millions of dollars.

2020 in Review: Our Top 10 Stories on Food

Our most drool-worthy food features from the year.

Ten of our Favorite Drinks for the Holidays

Sweet and milky, warm and spicy, or berry-licious and boozy — we have all your holiday drink needs covered.

Here’s How Brown Chefs are Celebrating Thanksgiving

From pumpkin biryani to sweet potato samosas, three Brown chefs share their favorite Thanksgiving meals.

Our Ten Favorite Biryanis to Plate this Thanksgiving

Will it be light and fresh veg biryani, divine seafood biryani, or nutty lamb biryani? The final pick is yours.

The Revival of Sri Lanka's Kithul Palm Treacle

The sweet vegan syrup is evolving from a dessert sweetener to a condiment in savory dishes and boozy drinks.

Rishi Naleendra, Michelin Star-Chef, Spotlights Sri Lankan Cuisine

A "short brown guy from a small island" shared his native food with the world — and they ate it up.

How Fake Cinnamon Came to Rule the World

Even though empires fought wars to acquire the spice, few today have actually ever eaten the real thing.

Nepali Cuisine Comes into its Own

The nation’s cuisine is far more than dal bhat and momos: restaurants are gradually incorporating regional specialties in Nepal — and abroad.


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