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I’d like to introduce you to The Juggernaut, a publication for the South Asian diaspora. 

As I was growing up in Queens, New York, I would read — a lot. Novels, scientific papers, newspapers, magazines. What I soon realized is that few characters or topics were about people like me, or people who looked like me. But anytime publications like the New York Times or The Atlantic would report on South Asia or South Asians, I felt a little less other, a little more seen, and a lot more informed. Unfortunately, a well reported story featuring South Asians is still  a rare sighting — our stories are woefully underreported. In the United States, 77% of newsrooms are white and newsrooms are the least diverse workplaces in America. It’s no surprise that editors and journalists are ill equipped to tell our stories. 

I started The Juggernaut because I was frustrated with the lack of diversity in what I read, and especially in the news and feature articles that inform our daily lives. Every day, we publish a new article relevant to the South Asian diaspora on topics as diverse as technology and business, politics, and culture. Like all trusted publications, we are obsessed with deep reporting and great stories. We’re just browner. 

I strongly believe in the quality of our product and journalism but I also understand that paying for journalism may seem foreign. That’s why we offer seven days free, so you can try us out before committing. The Juggernaut is ad-free, clutter-free, and clickbait-free. Our low-cost annual subscription fee (which works out to less than $5/month) goes directly toward paying our journalists, editors, photographers, and illustrators responsibly. 

We hope you’ll join us. Welcome to The Juggernaut

Snigdha Sur CEO & Founder