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Today, Indians and Indian Americans have founded or run some of the biggest public and private tech companies in the world — Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Adobe, Robinhood, Instacart, BYJU’s, OYO Rooms, Nykaa, Clubhouse, and more. They also train the next generation of business leaders, as deans of Harvard Business School.

We’ve covered everything from whether Robinhood is a victim of its own success to how BYJU’s became the highest valued Indian startup, to why Nykaa is poised for success in its IPO. We've examined how Amar Bose reengineered sound and two Pakistani brothers invented the world's first PC virus. We’ve looked at how Apple is looking to increase manufacturing in India, why Reliance’s Jio Platforms became the deal of a lifetime, and much, much more.

Why it matters: At The Juggernaut, we dive into the stories of these companies and the people behind them. As more South Asians lead companies that touch more lives, and more investors invest in both South Asia and its diaspora founders, we’re there to cover it. We bring our expertise in business, technology, policy, and economics to add clarity to where companies have been and where they are going.