How Costco Won Over the South Asian Diaspora

Meet the “Costco-politans” who swear by the wholesale giant. For fans, it’s about more than snagging a deal.

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Customers shop at a Costcoon December 15, 2023 in Miami, Florida. Costco Wholesale beat expectations for the company's Q1 earnings with a 17 % increase (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Ayesha Le Breton


March 12, 2024


9 min

“Just call us...Costco-politans,” said Raveena Patel, 29. The Patels, who live in Miami, Florida, have frequented Costco since she was a child and keep returning. “I spent Father’s Day at Costco. He was so happy, slapping the watermelon to check which one is good.” For Patel, the warehouse club conjures fond childhood memories — from its “massive” pizza slices to free food samples. As an adult, she still wanders the 12-foot-tall aisles for products ranging from shampoo and organic frozen blueberries to vegan protein powder and Apple AirTags.

Patel isn’t alone. New data reveals that Costco is a favorite for Asian American shoppers, who are 81% more likely to shop at the wholesale giant than the average consumer. In 2022, one article even explored how the warehouse became a staple for Asian Americans but largely excluded South Asians. So why does this group love the retailer so much? Those The Juggernaut interviewed said there was much more to it than just finding a bargain.

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