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Snigdha Sur

Snigdha is founder & CEO of The Juggernaut. She grew up a voracious reader and likes having a pen on her at all times.

Who Cares About the Oscars Anyway?

In an #OscarsSoWhite kind of world, should we still care about the awards?

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We’re highlighting the 10 trends we saw in 2019 and the five trends brewing in 2020.

The Books of the Decade

The books that defined not only my 2010s, but also my 20s.

How Amol Sarva Built a Better WeWork

The Knotel co-founder and CEO shares how Knotel is better (and cheaper) than WeWork, and his plans to be in every part of the office — from the walls to the couch.

Rianjali, A.R. Rahman Protege, is a Musical Swiss Army Knife

Ria Bhowmick, a singer trained in Hindustani classical and Bengali songs, can do it all when it comes to producing music.

What It Takes to Be Madame Gandhi

In today’s hectic, social media-driven world, the percussionist asks us to look inward in her latest album Visions — and succeeds.

Amitav Ghosh, Weaver of International Tales

The writer — out with Gun Island, a novel about the impact of climate change via the lens of a 17th century Bengali folktale — shares his thoughts on dictionaries, migration, and technology.

How Zareen’s Feeds Silicon Valley

The Pakistani American entrepreneur has built a food brand in the heart of Silicon Valley by testing and scaling delicious South Asian food.

The Spelling Bee and the Power of a Network

Indian Americans dominate the bee. But what if you don't need to be Indian American to win?

From Beauty to Fashion: Nykaa Does it All

How much of its beauty playbook can Nykaa follow as it builds its fashion vertical? And what must it create anew?