Tan France on What’s ‘Next in Fashion’

The ‘Queer Eye’ veteran chats about season two of the Netflix design competition show, the future of South Asian fashion, and more.

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Tan France in Next in Fashion Season 2 (Netflix)

Snigdha Sur


March 3, 2023


6 min

Tan France, born Tanveer Wasim Safdar, has been gracing our screens for years as the fashionista responsible for helping people look and feel more confident in reality TV series Queer Eye. As you watch France at work, you can’t help but notice his kindness and sage, tactical advice. Queer Eye feels like a heartfelt conversation with someone you trust — where you, the audience, are also compelled to reflect on your life choices and attitudes.

Now, France is back with the second season of Netflix design competition show Next in Fashion, with a completely different energy: things are hectic, competition is fierce, and the feedback comes quick and dirty. You’ll see France tell aspiring fashion designers — who are each competing for $200,000 to launch their own label — that they could have shortened the hem or their outfit didn’t work.

France brings the pizzazz as the rare gay, Muslim, South Asian, Pakistani, and Kashmiri fashion icon. We sat down with the veritable star to chat about everything from how he thinks about giving feedback, South Asian designs he’d like to see, why he thinks he’s not really a judge, and more.

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