The Juggernaut

Michaela Stone Cross

Michaela Stone Cross is a freelance writer from Philadelphia. She currently lives in Mumbai, where she spends most of her time trying to explain why she's there. She's written for several publication, including VICE.

How Bollywood Went Underground

The Indian government conferred industry status on its film industry only in 2001. For years, the best way to fund movies was through the world of crime.

Mumbai’s Disappearing Underworld

Bollywood has always drawn inspiration from its home city’s underworld. But where did all the gangsters go?

When Rap Came to Bollywood

From “Chacha Snoop” in a turban to Akon singing for Shah Rukh Khan: American rappers don’t end up in India often, but when they do, things get strange.

The Great British Bake Off’s Multicultural Utopia

America can learn a lot more from GBBO than how to make a cake.

India’s Unrequited Love Affair with the Oscars

For decades, the Academy has snubbed the world’s largest film industry. Fifty submissions later, India continues to hope.

Why China Loves Bollywood

Bollywood movies have grown popular in China — some even make more money in China than in India. What’s the secret formula?

What Trans Women Think About India’s Third Gender

While activists in the West fight to introduce transgenderism to the mainstream, India’s trans women face a different task: replacing centuries-old classifications.

The Smell of Sabyasachi

From celebrities to everyday brides, South Asians all over the world are paying thousands to buy the designer’s creations. What makes it worth it?

Bollywood’s Hot Boys

How six-packs became a religion in the world’s largest film industry.

India’s Strange Relationship With Hitler

For decades, Mein Kampf has remained a bestseller in India. But that doesn’t necessarily mean what you think.