Brown Memes on Corona Themes

In the age of coronavirus, memes are no longer just a time sink — they’re also a source of hope.

DDLJ meme
Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge coronavirus meme (Pulkit Kochar)

Michaela Stone Cross


April 6, 2020


5 min

Laughter is not the best medicine. Medicine is. But until we find a vaccine for the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across our planet, laughter is all we got. 

“Today I posted a video,” said Daniel Khan, a meme-maker in Islamabad, Pakistan. “A guy on his bike breaking curfew in Punjab. He was with a woman because if you’re with a woman, no one does anything. A cop pulled them over, and asked the woman, ‘Can you take off your dupatta?’ And guess what? The ‘he’ was a ‘she.’”

He laughed. “In Pakistan, we’re taking it to the next level. We’re compromising our gender for this.” Khan runs the comedy group Humans of Pindi, and since the coronavirus hit South Asia, he’s been working overtime. “You might see me in a skirt tomorrow, just eating KFC,” said Khan. 

The world has turned upside down. Western countries are flying in medical supplies from “developing” countries, and children are yelling at their parents to not go out. Wild animals are returning to cities, and Katrina Kaif is doing the dishes. Humor and horror go hand-in-hand in this strange new world, and brown humor is well equipped to handle the crisis, even if the hospitals are not. 

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