People Have a Lot to Say About the Meghan-Harry Interview

From racism to female-upheld misogyny, Oprah’s interview brought up familiar themes for Brown viewers everywhere.

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Michaela Stone Cross


March 9, 2021


4 min

With its overbearing in-laws and rigid internal hierarchy, the British royal family is the ultimate saas-bahu drama for South Asians everywhere, and Princess Di was just the start. Last year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, stepped away from their royal duties, citing a desire for privacy and autonomy. They relinquished their titles and relocated to Southern California. Sunday’s exclusive Oprah interview with the couple brought up familiar themes for Brown viewers everywhere: from colorism, familial refusal to address mental health issues, racism, and female-upheld misogyny. 

“I saw a news notification on my phone about Meghan Markle saying her in-laws made comments about her baby’s skin color,” wrote Aymun Salman, a New York-based banker, on her Facebook. “I believe her 100%. The royals have always reminded me of a Desi family.” 

In the interview, Markle made severe allegations against the Royal Family and the people who run it: namely, that family members discussed their concerns over the potential skin color of her yet-to-be-born child, and that Markle was left defenseless against the assault of racism and misogyny the press leveled against her. She also stated that her baby was refused the customary security services provided to ensure the safety of royal children. Markle, unable to leave the Royal Palace and fearing for the future of her children, says she experienced suicidal ideations, but was refused access to mental health services.

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