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Meghna Rao

Meghna Rao is the former managing editor at The Juggernaut. She once lived in India, reporting on tech; she's now back in New York.

When Parents Love Modi

What happens when the people who condone Hindutva are your family?

Brownpandering is a Thing

Political campaigns have started wooing brown people, sometimes authentically, sometimes not.

Anik Khan is Flexing

The Queens rapper — with new music out all year — is ready to show off.

Life After Marriage

Divorce and separation can be isolating. How do you rebuild community?

The Black-Dalit Solidarity Movement

Black History Month is an important time to remember the ties between black and Dalit movements, complicated as they may be.

How Phoning Home Has Changed

Messaging services like WhatsApp and FaceTime have made communication easier for the diaspora, but also more fleeting.

The American Diaspora Protests CAA

On Sunday’s National Day of Action, South Asians across the country came together to protest the new India.

Alok V Menon and the Power of an Image

What does it take to celebrate one's highly contested body?

The American Nightmare

In Here We Are, Aarti Shahani tells the story of her wrongfully jailed father and uncle, and explores the ugly underbelly of the American dream.

The Decade’s Seven Definitive Diaspora Moments

Where we’ve been in the 2010s, and where we’re going next.

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