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Meghna Rao

Meghna Rao is managing editor at The Juggernaut. She once lived in India, reporting on tech; she's now back in New York.

Alok V Menon and the Power of an Image

What does it take to celebrate one's highly contested body?

The American Nightmare

In Here We Are, Aarti Shahani tells the story of her wrongfully jailed father and uncle, and explores the ugly underbelly of the American dream.

The Decade’s Seven Definitive Diaspora Moments

Where we’ve been in the 2010s, and where we’re going next.

Fake Meat, Real Concerns

Imitation meat like the Impossible Burger has a long way to go before winning over the wide range of South Asian diets.

The New York Supper Club Serving Indian Food

From spicy, tangy sorpotel to black pepper saaru, Rohan Kamicheril brings Indian dishes you won't find at restaurants to his supper club.

India’s OYO Wants to Take On the U.S.

The controversial hotel startup, the world’s third-largest by rooms, has grown extremely fast. Will its formula work in the U.S.?

The South Asians Running 2020’s Campaigns

A boom in South Asian campaign staffers shows that the South Asian American vote matters. But will their efforts to shape the race work?

Fashion Brand NorBlack NorWhite’s Universe

How the designer duo with no fashion experience moved from Toronto to India to create the diaspora’s buzziest fashion label.

Where Immigrants Die

As members of an aging diaspora die in the U.S., they’re forced to reconcile their after-death traditions with the reality of available services.

Artist Manuja Waldia Builds a Practical Utopia

Manuja Waldia talks about money and the power of distractions.