How We Get The Job Done: Le Tote's Rakesh Tondon

Le Tote's Rakesh Tondon's biggest competition is consumer behavior. How does he convince customers that renting clothes is better than buying them?

Rakesh Tondon

Meghna Rao


March 19, 2019

For Le Tote’s Rakesh Tondon, the biggest obstacle in building a clothing rental company hasn’t been the competition, or even a crowded market — it’s been changing the perception that apparel can be rented. Tondon says he welcomes competition if it helps shift behavior.

From Le Tote's founding in 2012 to the company's entrance into Y Combinator in 2013, Le Tote has come far. Today, it delivers across 48 states and China. Rakesh shares his thoughts about what he’s built and where he’s going.

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