How We Get the Job Done: Kolkata Chai Co's Ayan Sanyal

Co-founder Ayan Sanyal has a plan to take the classically South Asian drink mainstream. Can he beat out the competition?

Sanyal Brothers
Sanyal Brothers

Meghna Rao


February 20, 2019

Over the years chai has quietly managed to garner a devoted following. The milky blend of the sometimes sweet, sometimes spicy drink is classically South Asian, but the beverage has moved far beyond its core demographic.

Yet, the chai found in many American shops is very different from the drink found on the roadsides of South Asia. What’s more, each person makes chai differently — some with more cardamom, others with more cinnamon.

Where is the chai that will satisfy us all? Among the myriad of companies attempting to find that holy grail is Kolkata Chai Company. We sat down with co-founder Ayan Sanyal.

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