How We Get The Job Done: Brooklyn Delhi's Chitra Agrawal

Can the founder of Brooklyn Delhi achieve Sriracha levels of success with her curry ketchup, curry mustard, and achaar?


Meghna Rao


April 18, 2019

While David Tran’s Sriracha sauce has found runaway mainstream success among American condiments, it isn’t a common story. Historically, the industry has been limited to a few flavors and dominated by a few players — think Heinz ketchup, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, and French’s mustard. Yet, Chitra Agrawal is trying to make her mark with her condiment company, Brooklyn Delhi.

Brooklyn Delhi’s bottles, designed by Agrawal's husband Ben Garthus, are decorated with eye-popping reds and yellows, and geometric shapes inspired by Indian truck art and store signs. Agrawal envisions her products, which run the gamut of curry ketchup to roasted garlic achaar, sitting next to the Srirachas and Heinz ketchups of the world.

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