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Ishani Nath

Ishani Nath was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, though that's never stopped Uber drivers from asking her where she's *actually* from. She is currently a freelance writer and editor who has appeared on CBC and has bylines in FLARE, Maclean's, and HuffPost. Getting to cover everything from the latest must-see movie to the cultural significance of Indian jewelry for second gen kids is the reason why Ishani loves her job — even on Mondays.

“Evil Eye” is Predictable, Yet Worth Watching

It’s easy to see what’s coming in Amazon’s new thriller, but it also spotlights an issue that deserves more attention.

The “Modern” Matchmaker

As the arranged marriage industry “modernizes,” there remains debate over who is responsible for shifting the values of this age-old business.

The Multiple Dealbreakers of Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking”

Netflix’s latest attempt to corner an Indian market is entertaining but overlooks crucial issues in the arranged marriage industry.

Never Have I Ever Seen A Show Like This

Yes, Mindy Kaling’s highly-anticipated Netflix series was worth the wait.

The High Stakes of 'Family Karma'

This isn’t just another 'Real Housewives' franchise. There’s a lot on the line with Bravo’s latest series.

The Morning Show Needs More Mindy Kaling

Newsrooms on-screen and in real life are still too white — so is The Morning Show.

Tanning While Brown

Embracing the sun as a South Asian feels like taking a political stance against shadeism — but it also has its consequences.


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