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Fariha Róisín

Fariha Róisín is a culture editor and writer at large at The Juggernaut. She is an Australian-Canadian writer, editor and podcaster based in Brooklyn.

Sunil Gupta’s Portrait Party

The photographer revisits documenting gay love in India, and consent in photography.

The Whitefying of Queerness

What it means to rarely see yourself depicted, and to be told that who you are is a product of the West.

Know Your Muses: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

An ode to the famous Qawwali singer, and the importance of remembering him for who he was: a Muslim.

A Good Talk with Mira Jacob

How critically acclaimed writer Mira Jacob talks about race with her son, and her community.

The Not-so Model Minority

How 'model minority’ became a definition to create the one-size-fits-all Asian American.

How Tanwi Nandini Islam AKA Tanaïs Hones the Craft

From evocative perfume and lipstick line Hi Wildflower, to her debut novel Bright Lines, to a new book in the works, Tanaïs is uncategorizable — a multi-disciplinary artist through and through.

Body Dysmorphia in the Time of Ramadan

Ramadan is rife with majesty and spiritual cleansing, yet requires facing one's body. How does one navigate Ramadan with a history of body trouble?

Know Your Muses: The Queer Theory of Falguni Pathak

The “Dandiya Queen” is a queer icon, her understanding of desirability a dyke manifesto: she gives women what men can’t, or won’t.

The Journey of a Young Cardamom into Mr. Cardamom

How a young brown rapper found his Nani, and his name.

Re-Examining Freddie Mercury

What led to the erasure of Farrokh Bulsara's brownness? And how do we feel about his representation in Bohemian Rhapsody?

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