The Juggernaut

Shubham Goel, Reality TV’s Favorite Brown Guy

How did the 23-year-old self-described “Indian James Bond” go from ranking dead last to nearly winning the show and becoming a fan-favorite?

Pakistani Cuisine is on the Cusp of a Renaissance

The diversity of Pakistani cuisine, from slow-cooked mutton roast to Kiamari prawn biryani, may finally be getting its due.

One Wipe to Rule Them All

How one man found the in-between to a chambu and toilet paper.

The American Diaspora Protests CAA

On Sunday’s National Day of Action, South Asians across the country came together to protest the new India.

Alok V Menon and the Power of an Image

What does it take to celebrate one's highly contested body?

CAA and The Instagram Baddie

Should diasporic influencers pause self-exoticizing on Instagram and sound the alarm against fascism?

Who Cares About the Oscars Anyway?

In an #OscarsSoWhite kind of world, should we still care about the awards?

Radio Mirchi and the Nostalgia Market

The Indian radio station is like an aunty in your ear and knows what South Asians who have left in the ’80s and ’90s want to listen to.

Why Millennials Prefer Co-Star to Prem Jyotish

South Asian millennials knew about astrology before it became the rage. Their path to it isn’t always easy.

The American Nightmare

In Here We Are, Aarti Shahani tells the story of her wrongfully jailed father and uncle, and explores the ugly underbelly of the American dream.