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Erin Blair

Erin Blair is a political reporter living in Delhi.

Myanmar: A Brief History of Military Rule

After less than a decade of democracy, the military has once more taken control of the government.

Erin Blair

March 02, 2021

Deep Dive: Inside the Indian Twittersphere

How the BJP exploited Twitter and created the world’s largest non-stop political campaign.

Erin Blair

February 22, 2021

The Vigilante News Anchor Who Changed Indian TV

In a time of deteriorating press freedom, audiences and the BJP have found a champion in Arnab Goswami, who promises to deliver the justice that the media has failed to bring.

Erin Blair

November 23, 2020

Indian Chill in the Age of Corona

On Monday, India told residents to “prepare, but do not panic.” Right now, however, it looks like Indians are doing neither.

Erin Blair

March 17, 2020

Photo Essay: Fake News, Real Blood

Understanding the Delhi anti-Muslim pogrom in Modi's censored India, in photos.

Erin Blair

March 09, 2020

Fake News, Real Blood

Understanding the Delhi anti-Muslim pogrom in Modi’s censored India.

Erin Blair

March 06, 2020


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