Why India Loves Archie Comics

The World War II-era series didn’t arrive in the country until decades later, yet won over an unexpected fanbase.

archie comics
Archie Comics (Archie Comics)

Divya Goyal


December 15, 2023

Archie Andrews debuted in Pep Comics in 1941, during the golden era of comic books full of superheroes who could fly, fight, and blast enemies. The boy-next-door Archie Andrews was initially a minor character alongside The Shield, yet emerged as a surprising success.

The chronicles of Archie — his humorous love triangles with Betty and Veronica, mischievous escapades at Riverdale High, and standing up for the Riverdale community in challenging moments — resonated with a generation of young men amid World War II as a lifeline to American identity. In a time of violence, these comics provided a nostalgic escape into the comforts of home. So how did a comic book series about a lovable, loyal American end up resonating decades later halfway around the world in India?

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