Our Ten Favorite Biryanis to Plate this Thanksgiving
Our Ten Favorite Biryanis to Plate this Thanksgiving

Will it be light and fresh veg biryani, divine seafood biryani, or nutty lamb biryani? The final pick is yours.

(Shiv's Fotografia/Wikimedia Commons)

(Shiv's Fotografia/Wikimedia Commons)

Ahead of Thanksgiving next week, we’re bringing you the most mouth-watering biryani recipes to give your dinner spread the luxurious oomph it deserves. And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, bookmark them for any other festive time of the year — you won't be disappointed.

Kerala special chicken dum biryani

From: Pachakalokam

If you enjoy the zest of kadi patta, this chicken biryani will make your home smell like a dream. The dum allows all the spices to infuse their flavor deep into the chicken and rice, and it’s made rich with a few shots of creamy coconut milk, which sets it apart from your run-of-the-mill ordered-in chicken biryani.

Sindhi biryani

From: Food Fusion

There are two biryani schools of thought — potato and no potato. Sindhi biryani is an aloo variant. It has a yogurt, tomato, and sour plum base that gives the starches a chatpata tang, and whole green chilies keep the dish tasting fresh. Sindhi biryani can be made with beef, mutton, or chicken, so feel free to play around. And if you’re never had potatoes in biryani before, trust us, you’ll become a believer.

Turkey biryani


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