Tea Can Be Cool: Re-envisioning Chai

Fine dining veteran Christopher Bunet brings fine dining principles (experimentation, precision, presentation) to chai at The Hideout Chai Bar in the Lower East Side.

Christopher Bunet
Christopher Bunet

Snigdha Sur


February 20, 2019


5 min

Christopher Bunet (pronounced ‘byoo-NAY’), NYC born-and-bred, has never been to South Asia, but makes some of the best chai in town. Both his tea and his Lower East Side (LES) space, The Hideout Chai Bar, reflect his quiet meticulousness.

His father is French and his mother is Italian-American, though you wouldn’t know it from his tea. He attended French school until college, which helped him break into French fine dining, and now he’s applying fine dining principles to brewing delicious chai.

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