Celebrating Women’s History Month: 2023

This March, read some of our best stories on female South Asian icons across film, music, food, business, comedy, and more.

Nighties by Aziza Ahmad
Nighties (Aziza Ahmad for The Juggernaut)

The Juggernaut


March 1, 2023


2 min

As a woman-owned company with with an all women-team, we’re committed to highlighting women every day — but especially this month.

We’re excited to kick off Women’s History Month with just 15 of our stories that celebrate icons across music, food, business, comedy, and more. These women have broken barriers in their industries, made history, and continue to change the status quo. This, despite rampant challenges. Venture funding, for example, continues to plummet for female founders. Female literacy rates and labor participation rates continue to lag in several South Asian countries. So few women of color become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

We hope these stories give us all a moment to reflect on the strong women around us. Thank you for supporting our work and happy reading!

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