What the Anjali-Sufi Story Says About Us

For five years, fans fawned over the interfaith, queer influencers. But a sudden split ahead of their wedding led to a flurry of judgment.

Anjali Sufi
Sufi Malik (left) and Anjali Chakra (right) on their engagement day (Instagram)

Vaishnavi Naidu


March 27, 2024


8 min

Anjali Chakra and Sufi Malik were a fairytale in the making. A photo of the two South Asian women canoodling under a rain-streaked umbrella on a New York City rooftop went viral in the summer of 2019. Since then, their queer love has garnered a fanbase that stretches beyond borders. We’ve seen them date, get engaged atop the Empire State Building, and more. 

It was perfect. That was, until the couple announced on March 24 that they were separating, in part due to Malik’s infidelity. This split came just weeks before their wedding, which they had been posting about for their over 200,000 Instagram followers (each). 

Since then, netizens have taken it upon themselves to offer advice and well wishes, spread the word, judge, or, simply put, “freak out.” But what if the hullabaloo says more about us than the former couple?

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