Home is Where Your Shoes Aren’t

A viral article claimed it’s rude to ask guests to remove their shoes. South Asians would like to have a word.

NYT Shoes
Shruti Ashok for The Juggernaut

Kiran Sampath


July 1, 2024


7 min

“Please don’t ask people to take off their shoes when entering your apartment. It’s rude.” And so went the advice of Rebecca Gardner, entertainment doyenne, in a New York Times article on “How to Party (Without Regrets).” Chef Romilly Newman doubled down: “When you invite people into your home, you need to let go. You can’t be like, ‘You can’t touch this’ and ‘You have to take your shoes off.’” 

Little did anyone realize that this seemingly innocuous advice would hit a nerve, particularly among South Asians. 

Comedian Hari Kondabolu, who clapped back in a viral tweet, told The Juggernaut: “When I saw it, I thought, ‘What the hell?’”

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