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At The Juggernaut, we’re documenting the unstoppable rise of South Asia and South Asians across the world.

Think: the South Asian obsession with the Ivy Leagues; the rise of South Asian-American comedians and spelling bee winners; growing populism in South Asia; and the billionaire South Asian raj. Send us original stories on culture, technology, politics, and business.

We are also open to stories in non-written formats, such as graphic essays, photo essays, and audio pieces. Submissions must be previously unpublished. We consider work that has appeared online — even on personal blogs such as Medium — as previously published.

The best way to get a sense of the topics we cover is to read our stories and sign up for our weekly newsletter. (We started as a weekly newsletter at Here are a few common formats we publish:

  • Features: 1000-2000 words (all reported articles require at least three sources, sources get a chance to respond)

  • Q&As/Profiles: 500-1000 words

  • Essays: 500-2000 words

How do I pitch?

Write an email to with the subject “Pitch.” Hit these points in your email: 

  1. What is the argument you’re trying to make?

  2. How are your points going to drive this argument?

  3. What makes you uniquely qualified to write this piece?

Include links to other articles that may influence your pitch as well as clips of your past work. We may ask you to re-pitch or refine your pitch — this has no bearing on whether we ultimately commission your piece. This is just part of our process to ensure that we are commissioning the strongest possible stories for our audience.

What makes a good pitch? 

Is this a story that no one has told before? Can you articulate it better? Is this something that you are uniquely well-suited to report? Is there a trend that you have a differentiated take on? Can you harness data in a new way to tell a story or prove an un-intuitive point? To get a sense for our style (smart, nuanced, skeptical), read our past newsletters here.

We're looking for new and nuanced perspectives, from writers of every age, gender, race, sexual orientation, and political leaning. We are also open to pitches from previously unpublished writers or non-writers who may have an important story to tell. We’re here to help you connect your story to the bigger picture.

Lastly, do Google your idea. We may reject a pitch if a similar story has already been published.

Does The Juggernaut pay?

Yes. In fact, we tend to pay better than most.

Can I submit fully written articles before a pitch? 

Of course, but we can’t guarantee publication. There may also be a heavier editing process than for newly pitched and vetted article ideas.

Can I submit my pitch (or fully written article) to multiple places at the same time?

We only print stories that are exclusive to us. If, by the time we get back to you, someone else has commissioned the story, please tell us as soon as possible since we can no longer commission it ourselves. We understand how precious your time is. We promise to let you know within two weeks if we will pick it up or not.

What can I expect in terms of editing? 

Each story gets two rounds of edits. We’re here to deliver quality journalism, which means that your submission may have very few edits or a heaver editing round. We believe in no-surprises journalism. If we need you to follow up on certain sources, this may add reporting time even after a piece’s submission. We will run all edits by you before we publish.

What’s the best way to send my article?

Send it in a Word document to your assigned editor.

I don’t have an idea for a pitch but I like to write/shoot video and/or photos, and/or record and want to participate in the future. What can I do? 

Sign up for our freelancer network and email us at to say hello. Our editors will email the freelancer network when we are looking to commission specific pieces.

The Juggernaut tells untold, smart South Asian stories and news you won't find anywhere else.

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