Pakistan’s Trans TikTok Stars

Trans women are trading the sidelines for the spotlight, with TikTok giving them a space to showcase their humor, talent, and joy.

TikTok - feature image
Pakistani TikTok stars, from left to right: Mehak Malik, Paras Shah, Preety Chaudhary, Neha Malik

Zuha Siddiqui


January 22, 2021

“No one gives you money to cover up, but often they spend all their riches to see you with your clothes off,” says TikTok star Neha Malik in a video. Her page is filled with lip syncs to songs, funny skits, straight-up facts, and thirst traps; each video is so entertaining, it makes you want to keep scrolling to the next post. She’s not scared of being vulnerable either. In a series of unscripted videos, she’s dramatically complaining to her friends about a (real or fictional) Malik Sahib because he doesn’t love her enough. But Neha probably doesn’t need Malik Sahib at all, given the hundreds of fans professing their love for her in all caps in her comments: “SO CUTE. I LOVE YOU, NEHA.” With 3.7 million TikTok followers, Neha only follows seven people. You can tell by her ada and nakhras, she knows she’s it.

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