‘Indian Matchmaking’ Season 3 Tries But Fails to Modernize

It’s time to swipe left on the reality series that has yet to result in a single marriage and few successful matches.

Indian Matchmaking S3 E1 00 37 44 11 RC (1)
Viral and Aashay from Indian Matchmaking Season 3 (Netflix)

Sadaf Ahsan


April 21, 2023

“Matches are made in heaven, not with trends.”

So says matchmaker Sima Aunty in the third season of Indian Matchmaking, which hits Netflix on April 21. The pride in her voice is hard to miss and one we’ve gotten to know well. It’s not just a log line for falling in love, but the Mumbai-based matchmaker’s view on whether finding your soulmate is more of a spiritually ordained process than, say, an active one. 

And while the series attempts to keep up with the times by touching on dating apps, and the importance of therapy and self-actualization — all of which one might dub “trends” — it feels like little more than lip service. Particularly since Sima’s double standards and old-fashioned approach has resulted in zero weddings and, at this point, minimal entertainment. In its third go, Indian Matchmaking feels like a chore — much like dating in 2023.

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