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What’s The Juggernaut? And what makes you different from the rest?

The Juggernaut is a new media publication for the South Asian diaspora. Or, more aptly, for global South Asians, who are often not defined by the borders in which they currently reside. We release one story a day on topics as diverse as tech, culture, politics, and business. We also produce a weekly newsletter with a roundup of the best stories on South Asia, not only from us but also from others around the world.

Nothing else like us exists. We care about what our customers want and move fast to meet their needs. We work with quality journalists from all walks of life and from all over the world, including Australia, the United States, the UK, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and India. We share a passion for storytelling. We also pay premium rates, pay quickly, and take pride in editing well.  

Why now?

Because South Asians are juggernauts. We’re an unstoppable force. People are getting off Facebook, and yet, whole groups dedicated to South Asian memes and other South Asian communities are booming. There has been a rise in South Asian-led brands. And we’re taking a cue from other targeted media companies: The Athletic with sports, Blavity for black millennials, and The Infatuation for restaurants. South Asians deserve the same sort of representation.

Why is The Juggernaut launching with a subscription?

Free content has made it difficult to run a media business and pay journalists fairly. We want to provide a quality, ad-free experience, pay excellent journalists the rates that they deserve, and continue to run this publication for a very long time. And nobody likes ads. We think the ‘new normal’ will be paywalled content, at an affordable price (less than a cup of chai a month) — enough for media companies to survive and thrive.

We also produce a free weekly newsletter that will remain free.

What’s inkmango?

inkmango was our free, weekly newsletter curating the internet’s must-read South Asian stories. It has thousands of readers. It inspired us to build The Juggernaut. While summarizing news, we saw many stories that weren’t being covered. Stories were often repeated and many went untold. Existing solutions didn’t analyze news closely or focus on quality. Our readers wrote in asking for more. We decided to fill those gaps with The Juggernaut.

What’s next?

You tell us. We’re listening.


The Juggernaut tells untold, smart South Asian stories and news you won't find anywhere else.

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